Afacan entdecken

Geographic location
The bay of Afacan and the white peak of Sakar Dağı
Vacation homes above Afacan
In the olive groves
In the olive groves
Salt marshes behind the sh farm north of Afacan
Dry dock and sh processing plant north of Afacan
Rock houses and Sakar Dağı (2010)
View from Aşağışakran towards Yenişakran
On the coast near Foҫa
Lunch break in Aşağışakran
Back from a trip to the nearby teashop
On the new pier near Candarlı, looking towards Afacan
Port and cafés in Çandarlı
Old village road in Foça
Weekly market in Yenişakran
In the center of Aliağa
View of Bergama
Bergama amphitheater and acropolisa
Bergama, with a view of the acropolis
Afternoon lull in Bergama
Boat trip from the harbor in Foҫa
Going for a swim from the boat
Lunch on the boat
On the coast of Foҫa
Traveling along Odysseus’s coast
Entrance to our facility
Filiz and Ali in the office
The view from House A towards the coast
View of the cafeteria
New shaded outdoor seating at the cafeteria
Restrooms behind the cafeteria
Wheelchair-accessible restroom along the passageway leading to the workshop
The pavilion by the beach
View of House B, Forget-Me-Not Workshop, and basketball court from House A
Happy chickens
Path leading to House B
Houses C and B coming from the beach
House B
Hallway in House B
Doorway into one of the rooms
Bathroom with toilet, shower and sink
Double room
All of the rooms have a balcony
View from the balcony
Afacan beach, from the veranda to the pavilion
The veranda
The veranda
Terrace with barbeque area
The pool
Outdoor seating at the cafeteria
The cafeteria
Gözleme for special occasions
Gözleme with fresh herbs
Mediterranean cuisine: how do you make menemen?
Barbeque bufet in the cafeteria
Homemade olives grown on the Afacan grounds
Homemade boiled eggs
Lunch in the cafeteria
A shared waterfront meal
Sunloungers and sunshades on Afacan beach
Floating platform in the sea
Table football on the veranda
Evening lights on the beach
Water polo in the pool
Sports field for soccer, basketball, volleyball
Cupboard with games in the cafeteria
Lounge area with a fireplace in the cafeteria
Reading corner by the fireplace
Movies on the theater stage in the cafeteria
Activity room in House B
Couches in the activity room in House B
Art workshop behind the cafeteria
Materials for painting and doing crafts
Workshop with a view of the veranda and the sea
Reading room
Books in many different languages
Reading nook in the reading room with a view of the terrace
Swimming paraphernalia and outdoor toys by the pavilion
Percussion instruments in the pavilion
Alternative Camp at the pool, 2005
Kids’ Camps ten-year birthday party – team reunion 2019
Crossborder Dialogue Group – CDG Training 2019
Work camp WaBeQ Bremen 2008
EU project Eberhard-Klein-Schule Berlin, 2008
Afro-Turkish/Afro-German family get-together in Afacan, 2017
Autumn Talks, 2006
Hunsrück-Schule Berlin, 2009
Er-Fahren working group (Berlin/Istanbul) 2010
International Teacher Workshop 2018
Afacan’s 10-year anniversary – trial course for multipliers, 2014
International Teacher Workshop 2018 “Approaches to using digital media in learning workshops,” seminar in the Forget-Me-Not Workshop
Afacan-team (from left to right): Fetah, Ali, Emine, Sami, Semra, Heike, Gerd, Behiye, Selda, Filiz (2018)