Afacan entdecken
Good to know

What to bring:
Since it is normally warm or hot in Afacan, you don’t need a lot of clothes. Don’t forget your bathing suit, bath towels, sunscreen (the sun’s rays here are much stronger than in northern Europe) and, if you like, mosquito repellent. You can bring bathing shoes for the sea, as well as a snorkel and diving goggles. Sturdy shoes for longer excursions will come in handy. In May and October the nights can get cool enough to need a jacket or a sweatshirt, and it can get very windy any time of the year.

How to get here:
The closest airport is in Izmir. Flights and transfers from the airport can be booked through Gençtur Berlin (we strongly recommend you use Gençtur if you are traveling with a group). It takes about an hour and a half to get from Izmir Airport to Afacan. There is train service (IZBAN) from the airport to Aliağa, where you can arrange to be picked up or take a bus north until the Afacan turn-off (just past Yenişakran). Busses from Istanbul and other points pass along the coastal road and can drop you off almost on our doorstep.

Upon arrival everyone is given a welcome sheet with the most important information about life in Afacan.

The rooms:
The rooms aren’t particularly large and there is not much storage space, so don’t overpack.

Meals are normally served at regular times every day – a bell announces when the midday and evening meals are served so that guests don’t have to keep checking their watches. Your group can also arrange to eat at different times. Our guests are responsible for setting and clearing their own tables, something your group should be aware of before arrival. Please inform us ahead of time if your group includes vegetarians/vegans or anyone with allergies. We can prepare packed lunches for excursions.

We have WiFi, but reception is not always good everywhere on the site. This is out of our control.

The closest health center is in Yenişakran (3 km)and the closest hospital is in Aliağa (17 km).

Contact list:
We keep a list of all the groups who come to Afacan. We want to make it possible for our guests to contact each other and share their experiences.
Information material:
Brochures about Afacan as well as a DVD with a short film about our meeting center are available from the Umverteilen! office (stiftung@umverteilen.de). You can also watch the film online here: Discover Afacan Films.