Afacan entdecken
Planning group trips or meetings with partner groups

We recommend that everyone who comes to Afacan with children’s’ or youth groups prepare their stay well.

It’s a good idea to check with Gençtur Berlin or Afacan before traveling to find out what other groups will be in Afacan when you are – perhaps activities can be planned ahead of time that would be fun for both groups and provide the opportunity for new kinds of experiences.

One way to communicate without using language is to put together a small, transportable photo exhibition that shows your group in its everyday environment. The exhibition could then also be used on other occasions while in Turkey.

Good planning and preparation are also recommended for meetings with partner groups. Just because two groups spend a few days in Afacan at the same time doesn’t mean that there will necessarily be any real encounters between the participants. We have often made the observation that without some encouragement or ideas of what to do, without shared activities, nothing happens – the groups keep to themselves. That is why we recommend coming up with games and a program ahead of time, whose point is the shared activity, not the encounter itself – that will happen naturally as a result of doing things together. It is also important to be in touch ahead of time with the leaders of the partner group and agree on a plan of action together.