Afacan entdecken
Our guests’ experiences, our experiences with our guests

Ever since Afacan opened in 2004 we have asked our guests to fill out a questionnaire before leaving us, so that we can know how they enjoyed their stay and what we might be able to improve.

The vast majority of our guests report having had a great time in Afacan. They love how green it is, the large and well-taken care of facilities, the sea and the swimming pool, as well as all the free space, the many activities on offer and the friendly staff. Most of our guests appreciate the quiet, secluded location that allows them to concentrate on whatever they had planned for their stay. For some of our younger guests, the lack of consumer attractions can take some getting used to. If you’re accustomed to touristy holiday resorts, you will miss televisions, holiday reps entertaining you with activities, shopping opportunities or similar ways of passing the time.

It is often too much for children and teenagers to plan a whole day by themselves and this can lead to problems – for the group, for other guests and for us. We have had group leaders who were content to “supervise” (by sitting on the terrace and drinking tea), intervening only in the case of conflict (“If you don’t stop right away we’re going on a walk!”). We urge the chaperones of children’s and youth groups to plan their stay in Afacan well, and to prepare their groups for what awaits them there.

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