Afacan entdecken
Day trips

There is a variety of interesting places to see just a few kilometers or more from Afacan: villages, large and small cities, beaches, rivers, unusual landscapes and historical sites. Afacan is located in a historic area and the people who have been settling here for over two thousand years have left many traces.


We can organize tours to historic sites, of factories in the area (nearby: a steelworks, a quarry; further away: a filling plant for organic dry fruit [Rapunzel]) or visits to local villages, and help you make contact with schools or other institutions – just let us know ahead of time what you’re interested in.


Our office can order a taxi or a small or large bus for your group. The drivers we work with are very friendly, accustomed to working with groups, and are also available to help once they’ve brought you to your destination. They speak Turkish and are often a good source of information about the area. Please enquire in our office about prices.

On the main road you can catch a bus to İzmir, Aliağa, Çandarlı, Dikili or Bergama.

Towns and cities in the area:

Port and cafés in Çandarlı
Old village road in Foça
In the center of Aliağa
View of Bergama
Going for a swim from the boat
Traveling along Odysseus’s coast

There are more photos in our photo gallery

Yenişakran is about three to four kilometers south of Afacan, right on the coastal road. It is a very young town – in 1949 a coffeehouse was opened here and the first houses were built in 1955. There are many small shops, teahouses, a large soccer field, a small river, a sandy beach, a restaurant with occasional live music and a farmer’s market on Fridays. A taxi from Afacan to Yenişakran costs about 4 Euros.

Çandarlı (16 km northwest of Afacan) is a quiet, pretty fishing and holiday village with nice restaurants, small shops, an old fort and a good dance club. The farmer’s market is every Friday morning and afternoon.

Aliağa is the closest larger city, 17 km south of Afacan. It is an industry town with an oil refinery, steelworks and a harbor. There is a hospital, a lot of new buildings, plenty of shops and a large park. Saturday is market day. Aliağa is located where the ancient city of Cyme (Aeolis) used to be, and there are several ancient sites and a bird paradise nearby. Further inland is a lovely waterfall, but it takes about an hour by car or bus and quite a hike to get there. In 2011 train service was introduced from Aliağa to Izmir and to the airport, stopping at many points along the way.

Bergama is 27 km northeast of Afacan and is known especially for the acropolis of the Kingdom of Pergamon, an artifact of Hellenic and Roman history. It housed one of the first ancient libraries as well as the famous Zeus altar that is now displayed in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Not far from the acropolis is the sanctuary of Asclepius, once a treatment center for the sick. The little town of Bergama with its winding alleys, workshops and Monday market is also worth a visit.

The fishing villages Foça and Yenifoça are also within a reasonable distance (50 km) for a day trip. All-day boat tours with lunch and swimming are available starting from Foça and can be booked in our office.

The city of Izmir is about 80 km away. You can get to the center by train from Aliağa. Minibuses on the coastal road will take you to the train station.