Afacan entdecken
Discover the area around Afacan

In the immediate vicinity – on the hill behind the tennis courts belonging to the holiday complex – there is an ancient gravesite.

Heading south along the coast will lead you to a fenced-in holiday complex. If you want to continue in this direction, keep outside of the fence and follow the small path above the beach to a paved road that passes by olive groves, vacation houses and a restaurant on the way to Yenişakran (about 6 km). Or, after about one hundred meters, you can turn right onto a small path (somewhat hidden in the bushes) behind the houses that runs parallel to the street along the coast.

About one hundred meters north of Afacan there is a little tea garden with a shop that sells ice cream and other important things. You can sit here and drink tea or watch soccer with the people staying in the vacation homes nearby. You can also shop at the nearby gas station on the coastal road or in Yenişakran (3 km away).

Continuing on along the coast in a northerly direction, past the last house you will come upon a lukewarm sweet-water stream that flows into the sea.

Immediately behind the stream there is a mole, which was constructed in 2011 in order to transport rocks from the nearby quarry by ship to the container port being built at Çandarlı. A street leads from the mole through a tunnel underneath the coastal road to the quarry, which is right below the white peak of Sakar Dağı, our local mountain.

Behind the mole there is a fish farm, which, however, is not exactly a beautiful sight. But there is a quite interesting ruin of what was either a residence or a factory building.

On the other side of the coastal road you can wander through the olive groves on wide country lanes or on an ancient cobbled road. We’ve put together detailed directions for hikes and walks in the area along with some photos in a PDF file (New: April 2012 version). We also set up a Google maps page with points of reference for the suggested hikes.
Always remember to take drinking water with you when you go hiking as it is usually very warm here. There are fountains along the way, but the water does not agree with everyone.

There are a lot of stray dogs in the area. If they become a nuisance, just bend down and grab a rock and they’ll take off immediately.