Afacan entdecken
On the Afacan grounds

There is a wide variety of activities of all kinds that can take place on the grounds and in the buildings of Afacan – work and leisure, sports and games, rest and relaxation. [See also the games developed specifically for Afacan under Discover Afacan Games]

Table football on the veranda
Movies on the theater stage in the cafeteria
Water polo in the pool

There are more photos in our photo gallery

All groups are free to use everything we make available at Afacan at their own risk. We expect our guests to show consideration for each other and for the natural environment, to be careful with the things they use and to discuss problems or questions with the team. We also welcome suggestions for how to improve our services. And we are always happy for guests to bring items to leave at Afacan for everyone to use.

To assist you with planning your trip, we have put together an information sheet listing the activities that are possible at our facility and the materials available. If you need additional items, please ask us in advance or bring them yourself.