Afacan entdecken
The team

Ali Can Alkan is Afacan’s director – all the threads of the operation come together in his office. He planned and set up the meeting center with the Er-Fahren working group. Ali assembles the Afacan team and is responsible for the finances, operation and maintenance of the facility – working closely with the Er-Fahren working group. He speaks Turkish and English. During the holiday season he commutes between Afacan and Istanbul, where he is also the manager of Gençtur Istanbul and where his family lives.

Filiz Sabahgil is the on-site organizer. She welcomes the groups to Afacan, is knowledgeable about the area, calls for busses and taxis, organizes outings and sightseeing trips, handles guests’ requests and complaints, arranges contacts for the groups and does the shopping. Filiz speaks Turkish and German. She grew up in Berlin and lives in Istanbul during the off-season. She also works for Gençtur Istanbul, so many of our guests will have already gotten to know and appreciate her as a chaperone on group trips.

Filiz and Ali in the office
Afacan-team (from left to right): Fetah, Ali, Emine, Sami, Semra, Heike, Gerd, Behiye, Selda, Filiz (2018)

Sami Alp is our man for all seasons. His official responsibilities are the cafeteria and the service there, but he also takes on other tasks such as repairs, maintenance, shopping and cleaning. Sami lives at Afacan year round with his wife Emine, and keeps watch over the facility in the winter.

Semra Koç started working for us in 2009. After the sudden death of our head cook İsmail she bravely rose to the occasion and took over responsibility of our kitchen. In the opinion of our guests and the entire Afacan team, Semra’s smile and her calm manner add a special flavor to our meals – it’s as if İsmail passed his masterful hand on to her. She speaks Turkish.

Ali, Filiz, Ismail and Sami are supported by people from the surrounding villages who work as waiters, caretakers, cleaners, kitchen helpers, night guards and gardeners. Their numbers vary depending on how many guests are staying at Afacan at a given time.

Everyone on the team makes an effort to provide guests with the most pleasant stay possible. Ali and Filiz are responsible for issues relating to group activities, for problems, complaints and organizational matters. All arrangements should be made with them.