Afacan entdecken
The amenities

The Afacan grounds cover an area of about 8000 square meters and are laid out as a park with many different plants and animals: mulberries, figs, apricots, pomegranates, plums, peppers, purslane, arugula, turtles, squirrels, insects and many kinds of birds, especially swallows, who persistently nest in Afacan. We use treated, reused water to irrigate, so we can keep the area green even at the height of summer.

There is a lot of room both inside and outside for games and sports, for artistic activities, for relaxing, learning, conversation and creativity. There are specially equipped rooms that can be used by everyone and we provide a wide range of materials – it is up to the groups what they want to do with it! The Afacan team doesn’t offer “entertainment,” but we do offer every possible form of support. It is important to prepare for a stay at the meeting center ahead of time, depending on whether it is meant to be a time of coming together with others, relaxing, evaluating a trip or learning.

The amenities include:
  • a swimming pool with goals that can be set up for water polo
  • a strip of beach with sand, small rocks, lounge chairs, two palm trees and sweet water showers
  • a floating platform in the sea
  • a small sports field for soccer, basketball and volleyball
  • lawns with trees for shade
  • recliners and benches
  • an outdoor wood-burning oven
  • table tennis and table football
  • two open terraces facing the sea
  • open-air cinema
  • a covered terrace facing the sea
  • a portable toilet, a wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • a cafeteria with a small stage, armchairs, sofa, a fireplace and an outdoor seating area
  • a small reading room with books in German, Turkish and other languages, with a lot of books for children and young people
  • a workshop with basic equipment and running water where guests can work with paper, paint and other materials
  • a big, bright, covered meeting room called “Unutmabeni”
  • activity rooms with lounge areas, tables, games, bulletin boards, paper and pens
  • a computer room with Internet access
  • CD, video and DVD players, a projector
  • workshop materials (flipcharts, markers, index cards, etc.)
  • a selection of games, balls, etc.
  • wireless Internet

Have a look at the gallery for photos of the amenities

Plastic, glass, paper and metal trash are all recycled together. Green containers are set up outside for this purpose, inside we use containers out of cardboard.

Detailed information on the use of the facility: