Afacan entdecken

A self-serve breakfast buffet is put out every morning for all the guests. For lunch and dinner we prepare a warm meal with two to four courses, usually simple regional dishes. Our cook is happy to comply with the groups’ wishes. Please let us know in advance if you prefer vegetarian or vegan meals or have food allergies.

Once a week we serve a barbeque buffet. We buy our fruit and vegetables at local markets.

We prepare the meals; guests are asked to set and clear their own tables.

Drinking water is always available for free. We request that our guests bring refillable bottles with them instead of using plastic bottles. Other drinks can be purchased in the cafeteria. Alcohol is only served to adults older than eighteen or not at all, if a group so prefers.

All drink cans and bottles are recycled.

Lunch in the cafeteria
Barbeque bufet in the cafeteria
Gözleme for special occasions

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