Afacan entdecken
What can happen here

Relaxation and evaluation after a cross-cultural trip to Turkey:

School classes or other groups from Germany or other European countries with participants whose families are originally from Turkey can begin or conclude their trip to Turkey at Afacan. [Trips like these can receive funding from the Er-Fahren working group of the Umverteilen! Foundation www.umverteilen.de

Groups from Germany (or other countries) meeting up with groups from Turkey:

These could be school or youth groups, groups of young people in professional training, students, working people or volunteers—people doing something together. The groups come together in Afacan either before or after visiting their partner group in Turkey, or only in Afacan. The Er-Fahren working group provides financial support for participants from Turkey.

Afacan is a “neutral” space with lots of freedom – which in and of itself does not guarantee successful encounters between people. Meetings between groups must be well prepared in advance, activities planned together. The preparation is itself part of the cross-cultural experience. [Click on Preparation for more information.]

Crossborder Dialogue Group – CDG Training 2019
Hunsrück-Schule Berlin, 2009
Afacan’s 10-year anniversary – trial course for multipliers, 2014

There are more photos in our photo gallery

Cross-cultural encounters through programs sponsored by the EU:

Participants from a variety of European countries come together in Afacan for a gathering organized by Gençtur Istanbul, Gönüllü Hizmetler Derneğ i or another organization.

Summer camps for children and teenagers:

Every year Gençtur Istanbul hosts summer camps for children and teenagers from Turkey. It would also be possible to put on summer camps for children with Turkish backgrounds who live outside of Turkey but whose parents spend their summers here.

Work camps:

Craftspeople and artists work in and for Afacan.


A number of seminars on a variety of topics with a diverse range of participants have been held at Afacan. Here are a few examples:
  • In our “autumn talks,” Berliners from immigrant and non-immigrant families meet with teachers from the area around Afacan to uncover their own prejudices and reflect on them together.
  • The seminar “Diversity in European Classrooms” for teachers at European schools has been held in Afacan several times.
  • “Neighborhood mothers” and literacy promoters have worked together in Afacan.
  • Young and old have come together to talk about identity and roots in the "In Vielfalt leben" program (Living in Diversity).
  • People from eastern Turkey have met in Afacan to discuss environmental problems.
  • Easter Seminar 2014: An intercultural encounter for multipliers.
  • Gatherings of Afro-Turks (the İzmir association Afrikalılar) and Afro-Germans (the German association Joliba e.V.)
  • Members of the student parliament of a Berlin school meet members of a children’s parliament from the İzmir area
  • Young people from Berlin meet young people from Ovacık

  • Reports on individual projects can be found in the Archive.