Afacan entdecken
Who can come

Afacan is open to everyone interested in genuine encounters with others.

Afacan provides space for cross-cultural meetings, workshops, seminars, vacations, language courses, family reunions and anything else imaginable. The Aegean has always been a place where people from all kinds of cultures have worked together.

We expect the groups to design their own agendas for their stay, maybe even together with others who are at Afacan at the same time. We have found again and again that interaction between the different groups is engaging and exciting for everyone involved.

We are not able to mentor groups ourselves. But we are happy to try to put groups in touch with school classes, teachers or other groups in the area around Afacan as well as elsewhere in Turkey.

In our Archive you can read about projects that have been carried out in Afacan and a list of all the groups that have spent time here. We want to give our guests the opportunity to connect with each other and share their experiences. There is no need to reinvent the wheel every summer!