Afacan entdecken
What we want

Traveling together allows us to engage with other ways of life, sparks our curiosity and can help us become aware of our own prejudices—which in turn opens up new ways of relating to ourselves and to others. If, that is, we avoid the standard tourist destinations, overcrowded resorts and shopping hotspots, and instead seek to really get to know the people and places we visit.

Afacan can be the beginning, the end or the main goal of such a trip.

The facility was called "Afacan Motel" when we took it over in 2003. We gave it a makeover but kept the name because it fits with our philosophy – the Turkish word afacan is a friendly term for a lively, curious, impertinent child, who would rather try something out for herself than obey nicely.

So now the name Afacan stands for a gorgeous place by the sea, where especially young people can come to be active and create – in collaboration and community with the other guests and those who work here.

Afacan is a place for coming together, getting to know each other, and doing things together. Afacan is a protected space, a little oasis, where young people can develop freely and learn to take on responsibility.